Teddy McDonald x Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice & Sarah, Duchess of York (2016)

Teddy McDonald with Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice contemporary art painting royal love at royal lodge


In May 2016, on the lawn of the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth II, Teddy McDonald created a painting with HRH Princess Eugenie, HRH Princess Beatrice and Sarah, Duchess of York.

 'Royal Love' was exhibited at Masterpiece London in June 2016.

Following the artist's original wishes, all proceeds from the sale were donated to the charity, Children in Crisis.
The painting is approx 55" x 55" (140 x 140cm), acrylic on canvas
*The artist wishes it be known that at the time of suggesting the painting and completing the work he had no prior knowledge of the York's maintaining a friendship with the convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  Had he known, the project would never have materialised.


duchess of York letter to Teddy McDonald contemporary art artist 2016 royal lodge