iPad Portraits (2012/2013)

Eric Clapton portrait contemporary fine art by Teddy McDonald 2013 reverse perspex mount

"Eric Clapton and Dame Joan Collins approved their portraits, Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi instructed her lawyers..."

In 2012, inspired by David Hockney's adoption of the iPad as a digital canvas, McDonald began experimenting with digital artworks, notably portraits. These works appropriated imagery re-worked by the artist and output in physical form through the medium of reverse perspex mounts typically sized at 100 x 100cm (39" x 39").

The Eric Clapton work was offered for sale with the approval of Eric Clapton and it also featured on his website, ericclapton.com. Dame Joan Collins also approved of her portrait however, Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi objected to the digitisation of her image and instructed her lawyers to formally ban the portrait from public view.

Casiraghi's lawyers were unsuccessful however, as a mark of respect not mutually returned, McDonald has not shown the work publicly. Charlotte Casiraghi’s portrait is believed to exist in a private collection and could one day re-appear.

McDonald has also undertaken a private commission for Sharron Davies MBE.


Sharron Davies MBE contemporary fine art pop art by Teddy McDonald 2013 reverse perspex mount supergirl
Sharron Davies MBE (2013) | 100 x 150cm | Reverse Perspex Mount
photo (c) Sharron Davies MBE