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Fender Stratocaster guitars featuring custom motifs and artwork, played by the world's best-selling pop star

  • ed sheeran playing TEDDY McDONALD green t art guitar live in new york

    'Green T'

    'Green T' is a customised Fender 'Eric Clapton' Stratocaster in original '7UP' green with white motifs designed by McDonald. The guitar was in the artist's personal collection until loaned to Ed Sheeran for his Multiply world tour


    Ed Sheeran played 'Green T' during his performance of the single, 'Thinking Out Loud'  in over 18 countries during the Multiply tour and on the US televised Good Morning America Summer Concert from Central Park, New York City in 2015


    CLICK TO VIEW  videos of Ed Sheeran playing 'Green T' on Teddy McDonald's official YouTube channel



  • Teddy McDonald John Matos crash ed sheeran fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster art guitar

    Commissioned by Ed Sheeran, the 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster is a collaboration with 1980's New York street art pioneer John Matos aka Crash


    Sheeran specified the use of a Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster and afforded the artists complete control over the design. Crash opting for his 'all seeing eye' and McDonald a 'heart' design which later formed the basis of his painting with British royalty


    The guitar featured extensively on Sheeran's Divide world tour including his headline performance at the Glastonbury Festival 2017 and also appears on Sheeran's concert movie, 'Jumpers for Goalposts'


    GQ magazine published a full page feature about McDonald and the guitar in the July 2015 edition


    photo of 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster (c) 2015 Sun Lee for GQ magazine