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"throughout his career, the artist has maintained exclusivity"

  • female form contemporary art painting Teddy McDonald bikini yellow red green pink

    Untitled, female form (2020)

    40 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas panel

    SOLD £4,500

    The supply of large scale original paintings [100 x 100 cm] is strictly limited. These works are available exclusively to existing collectors of 'small' and 'medium' scale original paintings. 


    Potential new collectors, as well as existing collectors, will be invited to purchase '2021' releases of 'small' and 'medium' scale works as they become available in the upcoming online Viewing Room.  The painting pictured is a 'medium' sized work in a private collection in the USA.


    The artist does not produce prints or multiples of his work.


    International Shipping

    Original Paintings on canvas sized 40 x 40 cm upwards are shipped in a professional art box with foam padded layers and puncture guards, they are similar to the AirFloat boxes widely used in the US.  Each shipment is fully insured and tracked requiring a signature on delivery.  Import and Customs duties/taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Works on Paper are shipped in a professional art sleeve, each is fully insured and tracked.


    Terms & Conditions

    All sales are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale [available on request]. The artist's studio is the exclusive manager for all UK and International sales of Original Paintings and Artworks.


    Third Party Sellers

    The artist has not authorised any third party sellers and if you are offered a work on the secondary market or see one in an auction we strongly recommend you seek the artist's authentication prior to making a purchase. Without his authentication, the work will not be considered part of the artist's ouvre.