Artist Biography

Teddy McDonald is a British contemporary artist whose instinctive paintings of athletic, empowered female forms, botanicals and other subjects display a commitment to the purity of colour, line and form.

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    Teddy McDonald

    Born from a positive, ambitious state of mind, McDonald's compositions are inherently instinctive and often spontaneous. The artist's purposeful employment of bright, sun-kissed colour encourages the viewer to feel a sense of escapism, freedom and wellbeing, ocassionally injected with elements of the artist's dry sense of humour.


    Over the past decade, McDonald has consistently painted athletic, empowered female forms. His style echoes sentiments contained within 'Notes of a Painter' [1906] by Henri Matisse, depicting the female body purely by means of its essential lines. A process McDonald describes as capturing the flow of, 'curves and contours'.


    McDonald's customised guitar known as, 'Green T' was played extensively by Ed Sheeran on his Multiply (X) world tour. McDonald was also commissioned by Sheeran to collaborate with John Matos aka Crash in the creation of the 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster played throughout the Divide world tour.  McDonald is also the first contemporary artist to create a painting with members of the British royal family.


    Self-represented, McDonald's work is held in private art collections in the USA, Italy, Dubai and UK and has attracted FIAT heir Lapo Elkann, Ferrari designer Flavio Manzoni, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, Conde Nast Director Dylan Jones OBE and a few music, movie and sports stars.


    The artist spends his time in the rural Cotswolds UK.  He will shortly be launching a public Instagram and YouTube channel.

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    'Yum Yum' exhibited by GQ

    Vogue House, London


    - Viewing Room, launch date coming soon...



    All events cancelled due to Covid-19 including,

    - Group Exhibit, Museum of Zoology, Cambridge University

    - Motorsport collaborative project



    - Sky News guest commentator for Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie

    - Sky News studio providing comment on a contemporary portrait of President Trump

    - Commissioned by the Royal Agricultural University



    - Range Rover Art Car revealed

    - Commissioned by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London

    - Ed Sheeran headlines Glastonbury Festival with 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster



    - GQ magazine, profiled as, 'The Artist to Watch'

    - Ed Sheeran plays 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster on Divide world tour

    - Collaboration with HRH Princess Eugenie, HRH Princess Beatrice & Duchess of York

    - exclusive for 'Royal Love' 

    - People magazine US exclusive for 'Royal Love'

    - Masterpiece London, exhibition of 'Royal Love'

    - Solo Exhibition, Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London



    - GQ magazine, full page feature 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster

    - Ed Sheeran debuts 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster at Wembley Stadium

    - Ed Sheeran plays 'Green T' Stratocaster on Multiply world tour

    - Solo Exhibition, Chelsea, New York City

    - Commissioned by official Ferrari dealer, Dick Lovett UK

    - 'Yum Yum' exhibited by GQ at Vogue House, London



    - Solo Exhibition, official Ferrari showroom, Dick Lovett Ferrari, UK

    - Mixed Media Portrait of 'Eric Clapton' approved for sale by Eric Clapton

    - Charlotte Casiraghi threatens legal action over Mixed Media Portrait