On 15 May 2022, headwear hand-painted by Teddy McDonald briefly became 'The Highest Art on Earth' according to the BBC when it reached the summit of Mount Everest atop the head of climber Kenton Cool during his record-breaking 16th summit of Everest.


The picture above is Kenton's selfie above the clouds at the summit of Mount Everest.

The uniquely hand painted helmet features iconography personal to Kenton Cool including prayer flags, a planet earth, Buddha's eyes and the Buddhist mantra, 'Om Mani Padme Hum' which translates as, 'The Jewel is in the Lotus'.


According to the Dalai Lama the mantra has the power to transform your impure body, speech and mind into the pure body, speech and mind of a Buddha.  It is said that to know this mantra is to attain enlightenment.




Photography (c) 2022 Kenton Cool & Guy Iliott


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